Being A Neighborly Example (Connected)

Connected –

The other day I took a few hours out of my busy day to put together a few freezer meals for my neighbors across the street.  They just had a baby a few weeks ago, and while I don’t know them well (they only moved in a few months ago), I wanted them to know that they are welcomed in the neighborhood and that I was there for them if they needed it.  Plus what a great excuse to see a cute little baby!  They are a very young couple, and while I don’t have kids of my own, I may have more experience at life in general to share with them, especially when it comes to easy meal planning.

While I was in the process of putting together the freezer bags, a friend called and when I told them what I was doing they were amazed.  Why?  Because I was spending my own money to help out people that I hardly knew.  My friend knows that money can be tight as a single woman, especially with a house and student loans, and yet here I was buying groceries for neighbors that I wasn’t “friends with.”  But isn’t that what we are supposed to do?  They are my neighbors, and according to God we are to “Love our neighbors as ourselves.” (Matt 22:39)  I don’t know if they are Christians or Muslims or atheists, and that shouldn’t matter, my response should always be the same – to treat them the way that I would like to be treated.  God’s most important commandment for us is to love – everyone and unconditionally.  One thing I strive to do in my daily life is to “love the sinner, hate the sin.”  While this is not always easy, my empathy for others is a blessing that God has given me and one I am called to use.

I know and have faith that God will take care of me, especially when I take care of others and show them God’s love for them, even if His name is never actually said.  Maybe this small seed of neighborly love, along with other actions my neighbors may see out their windows, will prompt Godly change in their own lives.  Maybe my friend, seeing my very small sacrifice of time and money, will see ways to show God’s love in their own life.

My prayer is that God continues to use me as a visual reminder of His love for us, and my actions never become a hindrance to another’s walk with Him.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

DSC00224Note:  Please ignore my Dad’s questionable fashion sense.  It’s hopeless. Trust me, we’ve tried.

This is the first Christmas I can even remember having a White Christmas here in South Texas – Christmas 2004.  I vaguely remember being sick, Mom too, but staying inside was not an option.  Usually Christmas barely feels like winter – it’s usually in the 60s- but that year was wonderful.  We had our first family snow fight (I’m taking the pic) on the front lawn, all of us hurling snowballs with jubilant abandon.


In the beginning…

I  thought about just keeping a journal, writing my fears and failures, my joys and successes, for God alone to see. But He knows it all.  He sees it all. And while I need to voice to Him everything, to confess everything, I decided that while I share all of it with Him, maybe I should share some of it here.  Maybe there is someone out there who is going through the same thing, having a hard time finding solid footing as they try to live a Godly life in an unGodly world.  Maybe my crazy rantings will help someone else understand they are not alone, that God is always there, even when you can’t feel His presence.  Maybe someone out there has wise words for me, or is able to show me evidence of God in my own life that I cannot see myself.  Any outcome, I lay it all at His feet.  May He bless everyone who visits here.